Par 4 Properties, Fresno CA    (559) 225-7045

Par 4 Properties is owned by Bob Hooke.


I manage homes & offices that we own.


I do not offer property management services to others.


I owned Rental Management Company for over 25 years. 

It is now owned by Jeff Teliha (Bob's son-in-law) Rent Fresno Inc.

For property management services you may call him: (559) 225-9191.


 PAR 4 Properties

 Bob Hooke

 559 - 225-5952




Robert E. Hooke

4025 N. Fresno #104, Fresno CA 93726

California real estate broker's license #00620183


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What does our company name mean? It is advice to real estate investors:
PAR for investing wisely in rental property is the accumulation of wealth and a steady income stream.
See Bob's Get Rich Scheme

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